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Newspaper pencil holder

_MG_9951This is a tutorial for a pencil holder made out of old newspaper. It’s a pretty easy craft and shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes when you’ve got the hang of it. The ‘braiding’ method can be used to make many other shapes as well, it all depends on the number of paper strips you use. For this particular craft I used 4 newspaper pages. The only other materials needed are a pair of scissors and a stapler. If you think the pictures are too small, just click on them and you’ll get a full sized version.

Pencil case 0
1. Begin by ripping out four pages of the newspaper (entire double pages). Fold them from the bottom (so that the creases are parallel to the text) with folds that are approximately 2 cm high. It can be good to make one or two extra if you need to extend one of the strips later on.
2. “Braid” the four strips together in their middle parts to create a square. Staple for stability.

Pencil case tutorial 3. Now take two of the strips sticking out from one side of the square and put one on top of the other (which one is not critical, as long as you use the same one for the following corners) to create a corner. They should be as perpendicular as possible. Staple them together and repeat until you have four corners.
4. Now comes the tricky part. After having made the four corners you will notice that the paper strips of two consequtive corners point towards each other. Braid these together, making sure that the one that was below before goes on top this time. Do this for all strips and you should get something looking like the picture above. Now continue braiding and stapling until you start to run out of paper or think that it’s tall enough.

Pencil case 5 5. Cut the ends of the strips of to create a fairly straight edge. If you want to you can cut a piece of paper and fold it over the edge to make it look more neat.

Pencil case 6


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